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Cloth diapering is a way for us to make a contribution everyday to the health and safety of our babies and the earth that we borrow from them.


Pampered Earth started helping

Nevada County families successfully use cloth diapers in

2008 after we independently washed and used

cloth on our children. During this time we talked with moms

whose lifestyles and schedules limited their ability to use

cloth; or whose apprehensions about washing them simply

kept them from trying.



Our diaper service uses earth friendly products and delivers soft, clean, and sanitized diapers weekly. We also supply you with a bin for your dirty diapers.


With a service you do not have to purchase your own supply of cloth diapers or launder them. You will however need to purchase diaper wraps (there are many styles available and they are oh so cute, we will be happy to share our favorites with you). We carry a selection of new and used in our store. Feel free to come browse or call to see what we have available. Diaper wraps are easily rinsed out and are good for a few diaper changes.


Call us anytime with questions that may arise during your cloth diapering experience. You have our support!












Our Prices

Basic start of 80 infant diapers/wk.


We offer drop-off/pick up at the shop ONLY



Monthly Total



One time sign on fee $25

 Waived with 3 months sign on


*Drop off customers have 1 day grace period. Then a $5 charge applies daily.

*Mildewed diapers past drop off date will be charged.


*Gas fees may apply depending on mileage.


*Gift Certificates and Prepayment of services is non-refundable.


Compare with:

Disposable Diaper Prices

1 Package = $10-$15

Most popular brands-

specialty brands such as unbleached run higher.


Estimated 2 packages per week



Monthly Average



Now available for purchase:

 Huge selection of gently owned

diaper covers

*Bummis Whisper Wraps


An ever changing selection of

second hand products

Call for more info





Diaper Service Customers always recieve 10% OFF at our retail locations!